• Robert Levash

Not in my backyard...

Over the last year I’ve experienced the complexities of the Massachusetts 40b law. This law has existed for over 50 years with the goal of creating affordable housing in all of Massachusetts, urban and suburban communities. This law sets a threshold of 10% of any community dedicated to affordable housing. The challenges of this law is it leverages private developers to diversify housing and build affordable housing. To do this, the private developer must rely on density and creating enough market rate units to subsidize the affordable units. This documentary is very educational and provides multiple viewpoints around this long-standing legislation. An alternative to 40b is a responsible proactive planning approach. This approach must be transparent and include all stakeholders: neighborhood groups, town meeting, town officials, and development teams. We must work together on a plan which concentrates on smart growth and development, and zone accordingly. There are areas throughout Milton where smart zoning would encourage projects that would bring amenities to our community, contribute to affordable housing supply, and provide a source of funding for traffic and environmental mitigation. Until we all agree to move the needle on this, we will continue down a path of reactionary planning and be susceptible to the 40b hammer. A hammer which is swinging hard in Milton with eight 40b proposals! Please watch the video below and vote for Rob Levash on April 27 to create a responsible proactive planning approach!

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